1. Requiem

From the recording Curtis Basque

Music composed by Curtis Basque Lyrics Curtis Basque. Vocals Stephen Clare. Guitars and Bouzouki Curtis Basque. Bass guitar Scott Avery. Drums John Morrison. Keyboards Graeme McCausland Produced, recorded and mixed by Curtis Basque.


Take the shot and roll the tape and watch the plane fly through.
It's so surreal. How do you feel when you now this can't be true
There's a shadow on your doorstep. Who's the madman at the door?
No ordinary answer, no ordinary cure. All around and everywhere
there's heavy hearts and twisted steel. Holy martyr, Marlboro man.


Feed your music to the masses. Hear the language of the gun.
A requiem for a culture that's clearly come undone.
You're the Son of Sam with the killer plan. The little boy next door.
A rap star with a fancy car, a cancer without a cure

Hear the rhetoric of power that sparks the flames of hate.
We're not the same, something's changed. Our world's no longer safe.
This just in and it's breaking news and we're all in denial.
It's CNN and they're all screwed. It's a tragedy with a smile.

Repeat Chorus

© C. Basque