From the recording Curtis Basque

Music composed by Curtis Basque and Scott Avery. Christopher Johnson.Lyrics Stephen Clare. Vocals Stephen Clare. Guitars Curtis Basque. Bass Scott Avery. Keyboards Greame McCausland. Drums Christopher Johnson..
Produced, recorded and mixed by Curtis Basque


Dirty dancing in the acid rain, heavy water on the brain
Environmental retardation, natural disasters sweep the nation


This is the place, these are the times
Smile on my face at the scene of the crime

Sandonista, the CIA, PLO, the IRA
Middle kingdom, middle east, new world order, brings no peace


Whirling dirvish dance of death.......

Trucking a tune on an ivory tower, Turning a trick on a higher power
What once was found now is lost, Holy spirit nailed to the cross

© C. Basque