1. Me and You

From the recording Curtis Basque

Music composed by Curtis Basque and Graeme McCausland. Lyrics Curtis Basque. Vocals Stephen Clare. Acoustic guitars Curtis Basque. Keyboards Graeme McCausland. Recorders John Brown.
Produced, recorded and mixed by Curtis Basque.


I got a straight jacket made for two. We'll get in together just me and you.
A soul incognito, a smile in disguise. You're the bullet in my gun wrapped tight as suicide.

I know who you are but you don't know me. Another face in the crowd another smile on TV
You don't have to be lonely pick up the phone. Dial 1-800 there's nobody home.


Sometimes I just can't take it - voices calling out my name
A love affair without commercials. There's never any games.
I got a lock on my door in a house with a thousand rooms.
All I want is to touch you - hope they let me out soon.

Speak to me I'm a hollow man. You can learn to love me with 500 mg.
I got a straight jacket made for two
We could live here forever - just me and you.

© C. Basque