1. Wasteland

From the recording Curtis Basque

Music composed by Curtis Basque, Scott Avery. Christopher Johnson. Greame McCausland. Lyrics Curtis Basque. Vocals Stephen Clare. Guitars Curtis Basque. Bass Scott Avery. Keyboards Greame McCausland. Drums Christopher Johnson..
Produced, recorded and mixed by Curtis Basque.


I fell asleep in the wasteland in an unconscious state
I didn't know where I was going. I'm always years and years too late.
Too late to be committed, too late to fall in love.
Always praying for a miracle but there's no hope from above.


And if I become jaded, out of reach and out of tune
I hope that you'll recognize me. Only you can heal my wounds

Don't fill your head with deceptions, or poison your soul with bitter hate.
Hold back the tide that holds you inside. The hands of time are running late.


© C. Basque