There are so many people to be remembered and mentioned who have provided inspiration and  moral  support  during the making of this album.

-  First and foremost would be Joan Pearce. Alison Cran
-   Josephine Chaplin for granting me permission to use excerpts from her father's movie "The Great Dictator" - I am honored.
-  Shane Ervin ,  Tom Fornier, Brenda Byron, Giselle Hannah,  my son Gabriel, John Pottle for an incredible album cover. and Christopher Cyr
-  During mix downs for those who lent me their ears - Grant Lawson, Marshal Lawson, Tom Robertson, Stephen Clare,  Gilbert Huard,  John Brown, Dan Maloney and Daniel Stephens
- Thanks to the musicians I've had the privilege of  working  with, Scott Avery,  Stephen Clare,  John Morrison, Greame McCausland, John Brown,  , , Chris Naish and of course the  Master Class musicians David Adams, Sonja Adams, Christopher Buckley, and Hoc Kwan from The Saint John String Quartet
- Videographers Don Flatt,   Shelly Brown (appearing in video Me and You)
- Photograpahers my son Ryan and  Martin Bakota 
- Bill Koester of Long and McQuade
- Cheryl Anningson. Brad Smith
I have learned during the process of creating this album the importance of surrounding myself with positive people who see the potential of what music can be instead of criticizing  an unblossomed flower .
I would like to dedicate this album to a childhood friend and musician GILBERT HUARD.